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My name is Edward 35 years old I live in Denver Colorado. I am a manager for a building maintenance company. I recently went through a bad relationship with a woman who had some mental health issues. She treated very badly. Anyway I am looking to visit the Vietnam for a month and I am looking for a relationship. My work can be done online and I work from anywhere with internet so my living situation is flexible. It may seem unfair but now I am looking for a woman who can take care of my needs. I know I am nice guy and I can take care of our financial situation. But I won’t settle again for less then what I want. Looks are only a small part of it. You can include a pic or just describe yourself. Important attitude points would be not to get angry easy, don’t be lazy (i am not asking for you to work outside the home) easy going and enjoying life. I am a man after all so I am looking for someone who can be very giving in the bedroom. Ideally you would not have a problem doing a morning BJ to start the day (really only a few minutes to start the day before I go to work. I do also love some anal sex every now and then so hope that wouldn’t be a issue. So let me know some stuff about you or ask me a question if you like. Hope to meet that some special soon.
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