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Monia Lamine Mauco
Molecular & cellular biologist, Brain performance researcher
10 years experience of entrepreneurship, management, and leadership Monia is an experienced entrepreneur and manager so she speaks from experience, as well as years of her own personal and professional development. As business founder Monia leverages her depth of business knowledge to manage, motivate, educate and inspire her teams and partners to achieve a higher level of success, professionally and personally.Monia took her business from start to a millionaire success and decided to change her discipline, follow her heart to becoming a coach restart a new career And to use her business and success experience for her coaching clients, Monia alighs leaders to the vision and future of the organization, support them in the execution of key strategies and tactics to move initiatives forward and helps them to build capabilities to transform culture.Her mission in life is to help leaders to be more successful and happier, using the quickest , most efficient path possible. Her clients experience amazing improvement in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goals attainment, creativity, stress control, and work/life balance.Qualifications and areas of specialty: Leadership Skills, Life Coaching
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