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6/26-6/28: 8th Waste Management &Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024 Thailand Focus (Bangkok)

Waste Management &Waste to Energy Asia Summit Vietnam Focus is expecting more than 300 industry leaders and specialists from across the world. The event covers a wide spectrum of important topics on Investment in Municipal waste treatment, Recycling, RDF to Power, Waste Incineration, Gasification, flue gas treatment, biogas, biomass energy, waste conversion, WtE power plant and Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia region. This Conference brings together experts and professionals from various sectors to discuss and explore investment opportunities in municipal waste treatment, recycling, RDF to power, waste incineration, gasification, biogas, and biomass energy in the Southeast Asia region. At the 8th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024, you will have the opportunity to dig the potential of biomass and MSW conversion to energy in ASEAN, learn about the international developing trends, Indonesian market changes, and the efficiency of waste power generation project and risk prevention. Moreover, we will focus on waste power generation practice and lessons learned in Vietnam, as well as the emergence of the decarbonized city and the role of heat, cooling, and energy from waste within it. This conference is the perfect platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and discovering new technologies and financing models in waste to energy. The event will cover topics such as financing new models, new partnerships, new revenue streams, the development of the international RDF/SRF market, and the commercialization of advanced technologies. The 8th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2024 welcomes WtE plant operators, government and association representatives, WtE engineering companies, waste sorting companies, investment banks, consulting companies, venture capital, private equity firms, law firms, and more. It's a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and gain insights into the latest advancements and best practices in waste management and waste to energy.
The registration fee is starts at $900.

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