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American English Teacher - Online/Offline lessons

Add me to your Skype (vanessaUSAEnglish) or LINE (vanessacoreyglobal)

Hello! My name is Vanessa. I am an American living abroad. My education and professional work amount to 40 years of experience in linguistics, communications, psychology, and teaching from both global and cultural perspectives. In the US, my work has included psychology, as well as teaching in the areas of remedial English for Americans, English to foreigners, Russian to Americans, and public speaking. My travels have taken me to nearly 30 countries, as I have often lived and worked abroad as an interpreter/translator (Russian, French, German), communications professional, and language teacher. Over the years, I have taught English to thousands of students of all ages and levels via private lessons, public schools, universities, language centers, corporate classes, and English test prep programs. My students benefit from access to my extensive library of excellent study, practice, and reference materials that they are welcome to use. My resume is available upon request.

ALL lessons are prepaid BEFORE I put them on my schedule. Prepayment ensures me of a student's commitment.

You may schedule a 20 minute trial lesson for USD $10.
All other lessons are 55 minutes each, in packages of 10 OR 20 lessons.
10 lessons x USD $16 = USD $160
20 lessons x USD $14 = USD $280

I do NOT schedule lessons before payment, but students may TEXT me to see if their preferred days and times are available before making payment. That is most helpful for students who need the same class schedule every week. My online lessons are primarily on Skype, but you may inquire about other systems.

Contact information for Vanessa Corey:
Skype: vanessaUSAEnglish
LINE: vanessacoreyglobal
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