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Online One-On-One Vietnamese lessons for foreigners (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi everyone, I'm Chau from Vietnam. I'm a Vietnamese and English teacher. I've been teaching languages for 7 years. I have an English degree from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, and a postgraduate certificate in Teaching Language in Australia, where I was awarded a scholarship. I also worked as a pronunciation trainer and academic supporter/advisor in Australia. Now, I'm back in Vietnam and living in Phan Thiet - my hometown.
As a certified language teacher, I continuously strive to find, enhance, apply the most effective teaching approaches for my students to achieve their desired language competency levels. I'm fully cognizant that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses due to differences in cultures, education, living environments. Thus, I'm always happy to tailor to their styles and learning interests. In addition, as lesson plans and teaching materials play significant roles in the success of the learning and teaching process, I choose to design them myself and customize them individually for each one of my students to ensure the best quality, personalized lessons.
My lessons are custom-tailored, multimedia, and fun. Either you are a beginner who wants to learn Vietnamese to communicate with your Vietnamese family and friends, or an intermediate learner who wants to practice speaking in business contexts. To help you conduct meaningful and effective conversations with locals, I will present you with the most common Vietnamese sentence structures and idioms, along with Vietnamese culture. Plus, with a lot of speaking practice and feedback, I believe you will soon be able to speak Vietnamese with comfort and confidence.
My rate is 250k/ hour.
Please contact me for further information. Kind regards, Châu.
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