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Speak Clearly, Fluently and Confidently in only 6 classes!!! (HCMC)

Attention: Executives, Leaders, Teachers, Students, Communicators, Speakers

What: "Improve Your Speaking Voice in English in 6 Classes Or Less"

When: At your most convenient time ( At least 3x a week @ 1.5 hours/ class)

Where: Phu My Hung ( extra charge outside), Online/Offline

Yes, folks. If you attend my private speech classes, I can help you dramatically
transform your speech into a much clearer, fluent, warmer, and more powerful
yet pleasantly sounding speaking voice in English that you can be proud of-
whether in delivering a presentation or speaking confidently in social, business,
or academic settings- in 6 CLASSES OR LESS!

According to several reputable surveys conducted among global executives,
COMMUNICATION SKILL is ranked as the NO.1 SKILL SET and the
MOST IMPORTANT requirement for promotion to senior leadership positions
in all careers, As per a study conducted jointly by University of Glasgow
and Princeton, it was concluded that people judge us within 300-500 milliseconds
right after hearing our voice. In addition, our voice also projects a vocal impression
of our intelligence. Hence, people measure how smart we are based simply on how
we sound to them.

Are you happy with the sound of your voice in English now? If not, don't worry; You will sound
like a winner soon in ONLY 6 classes!

***Special Classes Offered for: 1. IELTS Speaking Test Preparation

2. Job Interview Preparation in English

3. Urgent Presentation or Speech Delivery

4. Elevator Pitch Preparation

5. How to Chair Meetings (Leading a meeting)

To get you started, please reply to this post.

Thanks and see you later!

Best regards,

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