làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích Rebel USA - Price reduced!! - ₫1200 (Phu My Hung) ẩn bài đăng này hiện


2013 Rebel USA

h.trình kế: 16000
màu sơn: t.chọn
nh.l: xng
số: tay
t.thái tiêu đề: sạch
thay thế động cơ (CC): 250
điều kiện: xuất sắc

It is a daily driver, but I've also taken it on long road trips up and down the coast with no problems whatsoever. It's an ideal-sized sport bike for Saigon; not too big to be uncomfortable scooting around the city, but not too small, and has a relatively upright position so you won't be uncomfortable if you're riding all day long. (If you look at the pictures, you get the idea.) Never wrecked. It's in awesome condition, ready to ride. Just had it tuned up and changed the oil. Asking US$1200 or 28M VND.

About the bike:


• 2013 Rebel USA CBR175/250R—I'm not sure if it's the 250cc upgrade (see above) or if it was bored out and stroked to 200 or thereabouts. The good news is, the rims and the info on the blue card (I have it) still say it's a 175 so you don't need more than a standard A1 motorcycle license to drive it here in Vietnam. Anyway, it's fast.
• Twin cylinder, 5-speed manual, double disc brakes up front
• Upside-down hydraulic front hydraulic shocks, rear monoshock
• Digital display. 16K miles (speedo/ODO is in miles, not km)
• Push button start
• Custom paint job, sport mirrors, handlebar, grips
• New tires in 2015
• New front suspension this year
• New chain this year
• New lights this year
• New texhide seat this year, no holes

Let me know if you're interested. Test drives are welcomed and encouraged! Reply to this or text Jeff.
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