làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích ₫6500000 / 25m2 - $279- [DVB-LR3] - Master Room for rent in District 4 nearby D7 & D1 ẩn bài đăng này hiện


25m2 sẵn có th7 9

c.nhận chó – gâu gâu
c.nhận mèo – gừ
máy giặt/máy sấy trong nhà
có đồ đạc
nhà riêng
ph. tắm riêng
phòng riêng
ga-ra gắn liền

Address: 576/149C Doan Van Bo, Ward 14, HCMC
Coordinates on google map: 10.756079, 106.708758

[Code DVB-LR3]
Price: $279+ bill (6,500,000 vnd fixed + bill)
Electrcity: 4,000 VND/kWh
*bill: ($10-$20/mo, depend mainly on the power consumption of your room)


District 4 is the smallest district in Ho Chi Minh City with a total area of 4km2. Today It become well-known as a place to eat seafood. Vinh Khanh is a great place to sample some crustacean fare as seafood restaurants run all the way down the street. Street snacks are also big in District 4, with vendors selling the likes of che (sweet soup), banh xeo, bot chien, agar-agar jelly, xoi (sticky rice) and little cream puffs on Doan Van Bo or Xom Chieu. (Wordvietnam.com)

✦THE HOUSE (Common areas)

- Parking space (For motorbike)
- Kitchen (Equipped with utensils)
- Laundry & Ironing space
- Rooftop


- Air-Conditioner
- Queen bed size (160cm x 200cm)
- Mattress (bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, blanket)
- Bedside table
- Bedroom divider
- Sofa, table & chairs
- Fridge
- TV
- Wooden clothes rail
- Full-Length mirror
- Working desk & Chair
- Private electricity meter
- Private bathroom
- Window
- Balcony


- Collecting bills and bill payment
- Registering stay with local authority
- Communicating with local service providers e.g., maid, water delivery, handymen, technicians, etc.


- Room cleaning 1 time/ week
- Laundry service 1 time/ week (You can do by your own as much as you want for free)
- Internet fiber optic 40Mb
- Electricity (Common areas)
- Water usage
- Gas for cooking
- Public trash pickup
- Cleaning products e.g. dish detergents, trash bags, sponges, insect spray, moth balls, etc.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me at:
Mr.T: 079-889-7688 (Call - IMessage - Whatsapp)
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